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What to do with your Old cellphone ??

If you have an old phone, it can be difficult to know what to do with it. Sometimes you’re just distracted by its shiny, new replacement but at other times there isn’t always a clear option.

what to do with your old phone

 As a result, many of these devices simply sit around the home, gathering dust. Yet, if you look into your options, you’ll find there’s always more potential. Whether you simply want cash for mobile handsets you’re not using or simply want to give them new purpose and usefulness, there is always something you can do.

  Giving it away

 The easiest option you have is to give the phone away. Everyone has friends or family who may appreciate a phone when they can’t afford one themselves. If you’re looking for a gift or generous gesture, this makes sense but you should remember that you’re giving a phone away that’s old and unwanted. If they’re anything like you, an older, outdated model might not be appreciated as much as you hoped.


 One of the more effective ways to make money is to recycle the phone. Any phone, no matter how old, is made up of various materials that are worth something in respective industries. The phone itself is made up of plastics and other hard-wearing materials whilst the circuit boards are made of various valuable metals including gold, zinc and beryllium.

 These materials may mean nothing to you but they can be difficult to mine and are therefore easier to acquire from a source such as used electronics. Additionally, other elements and materials can be used to save energy by harvesting the plastic that’s already been produced – for example.

 As an added bonus, this also means any phone keeps a certain price tag on itself. No matter how old, you can get cash for recycling the phone.

  Second-hand markets

 Finally, there are always second hand markets. Not everyone can afford a new phone, so these businesses exist to pass on such devices to those people.

The problem with these services is twofold. Firstly, you’re not getting any decent value from your phone; the business itself still has to sell the phone for profit so it will under-buy from you. Secondly, phones lose value very quickly. Thanks to an increasingly short shelf-life, phones lose popularity surprisingly fast. By the time you no longer want your phone neither will a lot of other people. From a business perspective, this makes the phone financially worthless as an asset to sell.

 In summary, this is just a brief guide to some of your options but should show that there is much more you can do with any old mobile phone you still possess. Rather than leave it at home or throw it away, recycle your phone to recoup some cash. Not only can you make good use out of an unwanted phone but you can often get paid for the effort as well – if there was ever an extra need for motivation.

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Updated: April 3, 2013 — 7:55 pm


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  1. Hello Rohit..
    Ya electronic wastage like old cell phone are still have worth for some money.Second hand market is one better option.But you said right it have some problem associate with it like less price .But getting some price is still too good then just through it in waste.Nice article….

  2. Giving it away seems a good idea. They are many sill in India who don’t have a simple mobile and suffer. Giving to those people will be helpful.

  3. Hi Rohit,

    I appreciate your suggestion, but i feel there is always that attachment to an old phone, especially if it was your first. However, you cannot always hold on to it for ever. thanks for the suggestion of selling it as second hand or recycling it…

  4. Best thing would be to sell these on Ebay or any other website. Another thing would be to use it as a iPod (or music player). But most people do nothing with their old phone and throw it in garbage.

  5. Yes i do agree recycling the old phones are best method…

  6. I prefer selling them to local mobile sellers in exchange of some buy back on the new phones from them.

  7. Giving away your old cell phone is indeed the best way to utilize it. Many poor people still don’t have cell phones which is now a basic need of everyone. I prefer giving away them 😀

  8. I think Recycling the device is nice idea, instead of giving it to someone again who may not recycle it. Even though its also good idea to give it to some needy.

  9. lol nice ideas, but I always prefer to giving it away to some needy person… but this time i have iphone not sure if i will give it away or give to my son for playing games… thanks

  10. Hello dude,
    Very Nice Post and I appreciate you, but i never sell my old phone , especially if it is your first.. but one thing that if anyone need the phone then i give it to him. well thanks for this suggestion of selling.

  11. I always sell my old phone. That fetches me some money for the new phone. :)

  12. I don’t know what you should do with your oldest phone but sometimes I used to through it to bring mangoes fround

  13. Technology has developed and there was process in cell phone.Before this the cell phones were cheap and strong and undamaged but now days cell phone are technically strong but not strong.If todays features the old cell phone can add then i prefer to cray old one.

  14. I always sells my old phone in second hand market on a very low price, but giving it away sounds a great idea to make someone happy, very nice post, thanks for sharing.

  15. Its nice Article .I think best possible to do is Recycle the phone.For our Environmental Sake
    Thanks for sharing with us


  16. Now resell value of cell phone has gone down drastically as new phones are available in a very competitive price. Now buyer prefers new phone because new phone offers new features with low price.

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