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how to transfer data from android to iphone

So, you cannot stop yourself from falling in love with the latest iPhone 5 and I do not blame you for that. Now, I am not going to ask you for your feedback. Nope, I do not wish to invade your personal territory. Rather what I would like to ask you is how you are going to transfer the data and other settings that are so dear and close to your heart from your old and inform Android phone to your new found love – iPhone 5. If it were just another phone with ordinary features, it would not much of a problem for you. Transferring data and settings would not cause you much headache but as you have gone for iPhone, you are surely in a difficult terrain. The process is definitely tricky but this does not mean that it is impossible.

how to transfer data from android to iphone

Here we are going to give you simple steps that you need to follow to make the transfer of files from Android to iPhone appear less complicated:

First you need to set up and activate the new iPhone. Once you are done with this, grab your old and trustworthy Android phone and follow the below mentioned steps:

Find the Contact in your Android phone and tap the menu button. Then choose the option Import/Export. Then tap export to storage. Once done you need to specify the contact data you need to transfer,(which in majority of cases is the “Phone” option) and then select the Ok option.

In the next phrase, you need to connect your Android phone to a PC and this can be done by using an USB device. Make sure that the Android phone is put in Disk Drive mode. Depending on whether you have an SD card, your phone will appear as a drive or two drives in the My Computer section.

Right Click on the desktop and then create a new folder and name it as something like “Android Phone Backup data” to spot it easily. Now, the real moment comes. You need to drag and drop the files and content that you wish to transfer to your beloved iPhone. You can store Videos, music, photos and other stuffs. You need to take some time to ensure that no important data is left out.

When you are done with this, search for VCF file and save that file. This is the most important of all the files as it contains all your contact details. You need to drag and drop that folder to the data folder of your iPhone

To make the photos appear in iPhone’s Photos App, you need to do the followings. Here I am going to assume that your iPhone is working fine and there is no problems bugging it. SO, first thing first; you need to get connected to iTunes. When it is done, you just need to click onto the Phone’s name in the left sidebar. Then go to Photos tab available in the Main Window. When you find it, click on the option – “Sync Photos”. Then click on the Choose Folder from the drop down menu and select the android data folder that you have created. Let it run for few seconds and all you photos will appear in iPhone’s Photos app.

to get the contacts save on your iPhone, you need to do the following steps. First thing first; get the email account set up on the new iPhone. When it is done, just do a favor, send yourself an email with VCF file attached with it. Receive that email in your iphone and tap that attachment and add all the contacts to your iPhone. You are done. All your contacts will be saved to your all new iPhone.

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Updated: October 8, 2012 — 2:07 pm


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  1. This is very good and informative post ,I have an Iphone and i face problem for sending data to other phone but after reading this blog I am very happy to know how we trnasfer data to others from iphone……Thanks fro this information

  2. I have got issues sometimes with iphone Bluetooth, its not compatible with others!

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  4. I finally made the switch from Android to iPhone and this has helped me save information. Thanks!

  5. I was little worried to use an iphone as i felt i might find it difficult to use the application but this post has helped me by solving my issue,so now i must not have any more issues using an iphone,thanking for sharing this post.

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