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Top 7 technical gadgets for your TV

7 Tech Gadgets for TV

technical gadget for tv

Since we entered the 21st century it seems that technology has simply taken off with a massive boom. New products and innovative services are being thought up and released on to the market each and every day. It is becoming virtually impossible to keep up with all the latest gadgets and technological improvements. Therefore, in order to give a helping hand this article will reveal the top seven technical gadgets available for your television at present. Here’s the list:

(1) Foreign television packages 

Nowadays individuals can watch television channels from all over the world. For instance, the deals at allow people in the US to choose from a whole host of different Latino television packages. This is great because it means that if individuals move abroad they can still watch their favourite television shows but it also means that people can watch foreign shows and learn about different cultures, which is always a benefit. Before this, people could merely watch their national channels and a select option of movies.

(2) Universal remotes

There is simply nothing more annoying than having about ten remote controls placed all around the living room and trying to juggle between which ones one is supposed to use. However, thanks to a universal remote control an individual no longer has to as the one remote can control all systems and channels.

(3) Windows 8 Tablets 

The tablet has really taken off over the past few months as people relish the benefits it entails, such as the ability to watch television on the go. And now, people will be able to plug their Windows 8 Tablets into the television in order to stream videos, browse the internet, and send emails, view photos and so much more via their television screen.

(4) 3D TV and 3D glasses 

3D television sets have recently been introduced onto the market which means that through the use of 3D glasses individuals can now experience that thrilling 3D action in the comfort of their own home. This was something that was only really a thing for the movies not so long ago, but like everything else it has advanced and people are certainly reaping the benefits of it.

(5) HDMI Cables 

A cable may not sound like an exciting and innovative technology but it is when you consider the power of the HDMI. An HDMI cable allows virtually any electronic good to connect to your television. As mentioned earlier, if one would like to connect their tablet to their TV in order to benefit from streaming videos and sending emails via their television set then they will need one thing, and yes, you have guessed it –  that would be an HDMI cable. As mentioned earlier, it can connect a whole host of things to the television in question, such as, tablets (as stated), laptops, smart phones and projectors.

(6) Wii U 

Everybody remembers when the original Nintendo Wii hit the shelves and everybody simply had to get their hands on one. Well, the Wii U is ten times more impressive so just imagine the demand for this innovative technology. The Wii U has the ability to hook up wirelessly to any HD (high definition) compatible TV set so that it can deliver an HD gaming experience. This product also features a central touch screen interface as well as a dual side controller. Talk about a mass of exciting technologies in one!

(7) Digital HD receiver

And finally, HD seems to be something which is on everybody’s lips at the moment. A However, individuals will be at a loss if they buy an HD TV but do not purchase a digital HD receiver along with it. Without this people will not be able to watch any HD television shows or movies on their TV set.

To conclude, these top seven technologies are just a handful of the must-have gadgets on the market today!

Author Bio:

The above article is written by Sarah James. She is associated with few technology related websites and blogs as their freelance writer. In her free time she writes articles related to television technology, gadgets etc. She recommends to look over the deals at to get a better idea of channels in spanish and the various packages.

Updated: May 29, 2014 — 5:57 am


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  1. Those universal remotes are just awesome. They are just perfect and help easy controlling. :-)

  2. You’re missing a few devices that I’d consider essential! This post could use an update :)
    – Roku: a great device for streaming all sorts of media
    – Apple TV: just like the Roku but made by apple
    – Raspberry Pi: install XBMC on your Raspberry pi and you’ve got a cheap media center!

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