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Top 4 endless-Runner games for Android

Best Runner games for Android

There are several games available for Android in Android market aka Google Play store, but after some hours of playing every game either becomes too difficult or too boring except, endless-runner games which can be played all day long with kind of addiction.

Today we are here with the best of best endless- runner games for Android which offers great fun and entertainment.

1. Temple Run 2

temple run 2

The ever popular endless runner game Temple Run is in top of our list. The Temple Run 2 is the latest version of the title with improved graphics and controls.

Basically the games is about an explorer called Guy Dangerous, who has stolen an idol from the temple and trying to escape and save his life from the demonic monkeys after him. As playing the role of Guy Dangerous you have to tackle obstacles by sliding, jumping and running as fast as possible.

Gesture based controls on the game allow you to swipe left, right, top and bottom of the screen. Since the game is endless-runner so there is no finish line and the character needs to run as long as possible by collecting the coins on the way which can be used for power-ups and unlocking other features.

The more you run, the more difficult the game becomes. But don’t stop, “Run for Life”.

2.   Subway Surfer

subway surfers

The new game from the studio Kiloo Games in the popular, by far, the genre of “runner” of young graffiti artists fleeing by rail routes from the guard with a dog. The game has very detailed and nice 3D graphics. The play begins with the guard, does not allow the player to finish another masterpiece on the car and start to chase him. Gestures to the right and to the left we jump between the three areas, and gestures up and down bounce or slide. Along the way were various obstacles, such as fences and standing trains

Subway surfer is a very fun and quality game that will appeal to all lovers of quality arcade games. Download this runner can be completely free from Google Play. “Chase the Win

3. Agent Dash

agent dash

Agent Dash a simple action game where the player has to run by avoiding the obstacles in the way. The story line of the game is of a secret agent who is one his mission of taking down the bad guys in 007 styles.

You as playing the character have to destroy as many villainous bases as you can by avoiding the Obstacles. As you make progress in the game, the game goes through different environments including jungle, underground base and the City. To avoid the obstacles Agent dash can jump, slide and turn.  Sometimes Player has to shoot on targets to cross the obstacles.

The collected coins can be used to buy parachute, slow motion and second life. By each passing stage the game becomes faster and faster, so pay attention and “Destroy the enemy base”.

4.   NinJump


As the name indicates NinJump is a Ninja style game with the objective of climbing higher and higher. The play starts with zero and as the mini ninja character in the game gains height, by climbing the walls which has no end. The more you climb, the more you score.

To make the game a bit challenging developers have added couple of hurdles including bad Ninjas throwing shurikens, Foxes and little birds to stop the ninja.

But don’t worry, Ninja too can kill the birds, foxes and also can dodge shurikens. Once Ninja kills three obstacles Ninja gets a special power, which continues with every three kills.  Get ready “Kill to Climb

How to Download? Just visit Google play store from you Android powered smartphone to download these games.

Author Bio: Tashreef Shareef  has written this wonderful article on best android runner game to get more this kind of write ups do visit his Technology blog. 

Updated: November 14, 2013 — 5:52 pm


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  1. My vote goes to Subway Surfers. It has a lot more features compared to temple run.

    1. Yes, Subway surfer is indeed a nice game with lots of features, but again it’s about personal choice..

  2. Ho sir,
    yes i too like temple run and subway serfer very much,
    Please says about another games…

  3. Nice compilation of the runner games for Android devices but i think the aether misses a couple of good runner games like Jetpack Joyride and Rail Rush for Android…

    1. Well, the list was about top 4 games so i have given four best games available, i’ll include more game in next post

  4. I am a gaming freak and these games like subway surfer, temple rum added a new thing to my experience.Now i thank you for adding two more games to my box and Agent dash looks like to be fun :-)

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