On page Search engine optimization (SEO) techniques

 Those who are in blogging field know the importance’s of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) no matter in which niche (Topic) you blog but to get visitors from search engine like Google, yahoo, Bing etc. you have to optimize your blog according to their requirements.

on page search engine optimization technique

Lots of company out there provide SEO services to blogger (personally i don’t know whether it’s useful or not as search engine algorithm keep on changing so, i never used any of this services. But hope they use to give good result as their charges are high).

But, if you want to learn about basic of on page Search Engine Optimization techniques which allow your blog visible in search engine and give you good traffic then i am having few techniques.

Basically when you write article you have to take care about this four points

1)      Keyword

2)      Description

3)       Title tags

4)      Other tags

1. Keyword

Keyword is main part of any article to get rank in search engine or to get visitor the less your competition the more you have chance to get in 1st position.


While reading this if you are thinking that placing any keyword in article with low competition will rank you in top then you’re are wrong because keyword required two things

  • Relevancy
  • Density

 Relevant keyword

Always pick relevant keyword that user will type in while looking for information. For example, if your article is about ‘Search engine marketing training’ then search phrases that you think user may write while searching and check those phrases competition, volume search by choosing good keyword search tool.

Keyword Density

Keyword density is main part of article you have to use your keyword smarty so that it will not appear as keyword stuffing. Try to make your keyword density between 1-3 percent of your content’s total word count and if you’re using wordpress then few plugin will help you to check keyword density.

2. Description

meta description

Search engine show only 160 character in search result, so you have to make your article description under 160 characters which is often called as Meta description to make this Meta descriptions more effective use your article main keyword in this Meta description.

3. Title Tags

Always choose title which itself create small story of your article that exactly what you going to say through that article. That type of title always treated as accurate and visitor friendly most important while creating title always place your important keyword in front of title and in permalink or URL to achieve high ranking.

4. Other tags

In other tags i mean to say Bold, italic, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, underline tags.

Use H1 tag for your title’s, for sub category u can use h2, h3, h4 tags and place your main words (keywords) in bold, italic and underline tags (whoa!! Wait it doesn’t mean you over stuff your article with only tags use all this but wisely ;)).

 These are the cheap search engine optimization techniques (it’s cheap money wise not result wise OK) as it will cost you nothing. By the way, best way of doing SEO practice is by using different method on every different article so that you will get to know which one is working for you.

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  1. says

    Those broad guidelines must have been implanted in our mind intuitively so that we don’t have to remember them one by one. I think making a kind of check list will be helpful. Btw, I blog on Blogger and until now I just optimize the keywords (1-3 percent in article). I gain some visitors from the wilderness using this strategy. But I believe we can gain more when we also employ meta description and so on. The problem with Blogger, you have to do it manually through the HTML mode. That can be trying. Cheers, Rohit.

    • Rohit Kothari says

      Hi Manto,
      its depends on practice the more we implement the more we remember the step. yep that’s is blogger biggest drawback however i cant say anything much about blogger as i never used it mine personal favorite is wordpress only because of its thousands of plugin.

  2. says

    I have been noticing more SEO teams duplicating key terms in there titles. For example “Search Engine Optimization | Search Engine Optimization Services”. For some of my local terms I find it very interesting that many of the first page websites use a format similar to this for their titles. Have you seen this before, if so have you done any testing with it?
    Troy Jaggard recently posted..13 Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2012My Profile

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