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Master Any Second Language With Your ANDROID PHONE

Mastering a second language other than your mother tongue can cause a life changing experience. It can open several doors for different career options. One can even move to a different country, and the culture of that country in its native language. Learning languages from different countries is really tricky and turns out to be really difficult. But the advantage is it helps one to get the insight of other countries. It can be even very helpful is a person is traveling. But one should not forget that learning a second language is not an easy task. Learning a new language requires a lot of time and constant practice. Today no one has that much of time to join classes for foreign languages, put a lot of hard work, time and effort into it and then learn the language.

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Foreign languages on Android:

It is very true that learning a foreign language takes a lot of effort. It requires persistence, hard work and constant practice. But today no one has time for all this. But this problem does not change the fact that learning a second language could be really helpful for one’s career. Acing foreign languages opens a lot of career options. So, today there is a very handy way learning foreign languages that is available for everyone. Today there are many apps available for Android phones which can easily help one out to learn new languages. These applications are available for almost all the popular languages of the world that too at low cost or even free of cost. These apps are very sophisticated way of studying and are also very handy. One can take them anywhere and use them in their spare time.

Best apps on Android:

Although there are a number of apps available, here are some of the best ones.

50 languages: it is a free of cost app that provides about 30 lessons to help its user learn a particular language.

Duolingo: even this app is all free and has the option of learning many languages like French, Spanish etc. it has been rated as one of the best apps.

Hello hello: it offers lessons for 11 languages. It is entirely free and incorporates social networking with it. This helps to find native speakers of the language that would be really helpful in the learning process.

Babble: it is a free app and offers lessons for 11 different languages.

Busuu: this is basically a visual based app which provides photos based on the language. This app is free of cost.

How to use these apps:

These apps for learning foreign languages are really easy to use. Following are some basic steps that are almost common to all the apps which includes downloading the app and selecting the language that one wants to learn from the list of given languages. After this different apps have different options like learning of common phrases or common greeting. These apps are so handy that one can easily learn from them without any complications.

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  1. Great list! I would like to add Rosetta Course. It features picture and word matching for beginning lessons, and speech recognition that makes sure you are pronouncing words correctly.

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