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Tracing an lost Android Phone – Never lose out your Android again!

In the past few years, of the different operating systems that are being rapidly developed in the highly competitive world of smartphones, Google’s Android has been a major winner, being a real favorite among the different smartphone makers of the world. Major brands have given preference to it, and sales have grown more and more numerous with time. One of the big reasons on the part of users for Android phones is the enormous amount of application support that it harbours. This is a major benefit, since being open ended expands possibilities and functions that one can hope to achieve through a smartphone.

tracking lost android phone

The Need for Security Applications

Smartphones usually do not come cheap. They soon become an integral part of our work and our life. We usually store important data in it and would really be loathe losing it. Being open ended has allowed several application developers to develop some great applications that can allow a user to trace his/her device. These applications not only prove to be effective anti-theft utilities, but can also prove to be safeguards to any sensitive data that might have been stored in there, thus preventing identity theft. These apps are in fact, a breather in case one mislays his/her phone.

Functionality that come with Android

Android applications provide some very anti-theft functionality. They can make the phone transmit its GPS location to one’s email, snap pictures of the thief, even record audio using the phone’s microphone and at the worst, allows the user to erase the data remotely. It has to be kept in mind however, that the applications have to be installed by the user as soon as possible, in anticipation of a theft or a mislaying taking place.

Applications that can help

There are several apps for tracking an Android phone. Some of them are the following:

  • Where’s My Droid is an app that allows for the user to effectively track his Android device, by setting up text codes beforehand. In the event that the phone is lost, texting one of the code leads to the inadvertent ringing of the phone while the other code makes the phone transmit its GPS coordinates to the user. The app has also a pro version that allows the user to remotely click pictures of the perpetrator, lock the phone remotely or to even erase all the data.
  • Plan B is another great app that might prove invaluable in tracking a lost Android phone. This app uses the medium of phone towers as well as the GPS to hone in on the location of the device. In certain smartphones, it can be so arranged that the app is made to transmit the GPS location every ten minutes. Even better is the fact that in the absence of a working internet connection, the location is transmitted through texts.
  • Lastly, the Android Lost app surely needs to be mentioned because of the sheer ability to harass the thief to no end. The app allows one to start an alarm to ring with a flashing screen, turn the GPS or the Wi-Fi on or off, take pictures with both the front and the rear cameras, access the latest call list and erase all data from an SD card.

Installing any one of these apps beforehand shall greatly enhance the security of the phone. After all, prevention is better than cure.

Updated: November 14, 2013 — 5:54 pm


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  1. awesome. Pretty amazing apps for phone security and tracking! I think if I wouldn’t go near a lost android phone which has the android lost app. It would create such a scene! It’s creepy in a way but am sure it’s very effective.
    Visit to know more

  2. Google has just launched Android device manager which can locate the phone, let it ring and wipe remotely in case its needed. Its not as good as iphone security but at least a start of inbuild security system in Android…

  3. It’s about time this was introduced. iPhones have been trackable since day one. I need more functionality that an iPhone can provide, but each time my phone was lost or stolen I cursed Androids and swear to replace it with an iPhone but never did. Now I may be able to recover the odd one. Great!

  4. I keep losing my phone. Mostly its on silent mode so I cannot even locate it easily. This app sounds rad :) I will check it out for sure.

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