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Getting rid of viruses on your android – Protect your Android from virus attacks

Is your android infected with virus? It’s obvious to be worried about it, as that’s the worst thing that could happen to your poor android. But need not to worry, you could get rid of those malware or viruses and get your android healthy back.

How to get rid of viruses on android

how to get rid of viruses on android

Steps to be taken to get rid from android viruses

If you are sure that your android is infected with some virus then without wasting any time you should immediately get rid of it. Take some very basic steps to throw out that virus from the system. The first step involves installing an anti-virus software in your system. The antivirus software helps you detect the virus and safely remove them. After installing you need to be running a scan on your system so that the malware could be detected. Once your anti-virus system catches it, you just got to take the required step. You could chest the infected files, or can delete them from your system. The anti-viruses run by any system and generally prove to be helpful with viruses.

Keep updating your anti virus

One more thing you got to be done is that you should be updating your anti-viruses, so that the software could be made aware of the new definitions available and better safety could be provided. Your software remains updated with the current threats and also necessary actions needed for preventing any viral infections to your system.

Computer help – Last step you can take

In case your antivirus system fails to do the job, you need to be doing something very primitive. If your software fails to remove the virus then you should go to the setting column and then reset it to the default factory setting.  This is counted to be the last step taken as, all your personal data is removed after this along with all apps and everything. You can feel like starting a brand new phone, so if there is something very important taken from some trust worthy source you are suggested to make a backup of it.

If you are having trouble installing an anti-virus software, then there is another way out. You can connect your android phone or tab with a computer and then run a virus scan over the system. The virus gets detected then you can remove it through your computer.

People often do get stupid and delete all personal data to get rid of the malware. You need not to do that, smart software is there to help you detect the infected files and the take action against them.

Get protection before hand

The internet is not  a very safe place to surf about, but android seems nothing without internet. There are people pumping malware software and programs to infect your system, so you need to develop a protection against them. Getting an anti-virus software gives immunity to your system from any malware. It’s suggested to have one, before you get infected by any of those viruses over the internet. There are plenty of antivirus software to keep your system running under safe roofs.

Updated: July 13, 2013 — 12:47 pm


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  1. Nice words about virus removal from a Android device. Nowadays most of people aren’t aware about virus risk on Android devices. But it is true fact … Your android device has a greater risk to be infected with virus & harm your personal and useful data over devices.
    Agreed on your point that we should have install antivirus software on our devices.

  2. Thanks very much for this insightful article. I use Android phone and since Android is open source, I guess keep updating it to higher versions is the only way, you can avoid the possibility of virus attack. Also, can you suggest some anti-virus software?

    1. hi supriyo,
      well Macafee and avast work fine for me and i guess mcafee is free in google play

  3. Antiviruses are the best part anyone can do about securing their mobile from antivirus.

  4. I found this this as a most useful information, as the android mobile being the trendier way, we people always downloading new apps each day, and its needed to be protected from malware, hence I prefer to use an avg anti-malware on my android application development mobile.
    Thanks for sharing the reader valuable content.

  5. I think my Bluetooth on my phone was attacked by virus because every time I enable the Bluetooth, my phone keeps on restarting itself. Could it be a possibility that it was attacked by virus?? How can I clean it??

    1. Hi tushar,
      i dont think its a virus attacked just try to reset on factory setting might be it will help or try mcafee antivirus from google play its free to scan the phone

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