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How to find guest Authors for your blog

You might be blogging for so long and have faced many difficult things, but finding the Guest Author for your Blog is the hard task for every blogger. First thing you need to know that you can easily get Guest Authors if your Blogs has good traffic and PR. Because, nobody Guest Posts on the Blog who doesn’t have a good traffic or High PR.

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If you are a student, then it becomes really difficult for you to update your Blog. So it gets really important at that time to Search for Guest Authors for your Blog. I have followed some steps that helped me in finding the Guest Authors for my Blog. Follow the below points if you want to find the Guest Authors for your Blog.

 1. Check your Comments

 To start finding Guest Authors, you first need to start checking your Previous Blog Comments. If you find someone who is active and regularly comments on your blog, then there are high chances that he might be interested in Guest Posting in your Blog. Mail that person asking if he is interested in Guest Posting in your Blog. Mail him your Blog Guidelines, so that he can follow it.

2. Forums or Discussions Groups

 If you are active in any of the Forums related to your niche, then you might have seen threads related to searching for Guest Authors, just check the old threads or create a new thread asking if anyone is interested in being a Guest Author of your Blog. Try to add your Traffic details and PR in the Heading. The Forums or Discussion groups have tons of Traffic, so you can expect more views and Guest Authors for your Blog.

 3. Social Media

 Social Media is the best place to find Guest Authors for your Blog. Facebook and Twitter receives tons of daily traffic and can help you to bring the Guest Authors. Just write a short line asking f anybody is interested in Guest Posting in your Blog. Now start sharing it in the Facebook Groups related to your blog niche. You can expect a good response and you will start getting mails from the persons who will be interested in being a Guest Author for your Blog. If your blog is related to Tech, you can find some Facebook Groups below, where you can find Guest Authors, Search for more such Groups.

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  1. Nice tips, I think that these all will help me to find guest authors for my blog as soon I will opening guest posts for my blog.

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