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What’s The Big Addiction In Smartphones?

What’s The Big Addiction In Smartphones? : Eating Up Our Generations Time!


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Updated: September 2, 2014 — 7:52 pm


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  1. So true and surprising stats :) I wouldn’t call myself an addict but still I install (and uninstall) quite a few apps every week. I kinda like to try out many apps, keep the ones I like and discard the ones I don’t like!

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Gaming are the best apps, you know that? We might the same not addicted with it but what’s on the hype will have to download it even though have to try just for x of using.

  3. True. And, I think this trend will only continue. The smartphone will become increasingly important and act as an engine that drives wearable devices such as your smartwatch and embeddable health monitoring devices. We will also get notifications via a vibrating tattoo. Any thoughts?

  4. I use my phone on gaming and social networking for almost time. Honestly i can’t go out without it, for some game that you need to online, i check it for every minute, really addicted and social network is really difficult to quit also especially Facebook.
    thanks for your sharing.

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