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Best Chrome Themes: Top 7 Classic browsing skins

Everyone love changes in life no one can – eat same food, wear same cloth everyday because we want something new every day to make us excite. So, why same old Google chrome skin?

 Today I’ll suggest you 7 stunning Classic list of best chrome themes to make your browsing beautiful. This 7 themes are selected from Google web store, there you can find thousand of chrome skins by Google and other artist too.

Install 7 Best Chrome Themes

1 Hello Kitty Google Chrome Theme

hello kitty google chrome theme

Hello kitty Google chrome theme is fictional character by Japanese company Sanrio. Hello Kitty portrait as female white Japanese bobtail cat with red bow her full name is Kitty White.

2 Android Chrome Theme

android google chrome theme

Android 3.0 aka Honeycomb chrome theme, A best theme for android lovers this theme make you feel like you are browsing internet from any android gadget.

3 God is Love Google Chrome Theme

God is Love chrome theme

God is love theme is kind of urban styled theme which geared toward the younger audience.

4 Lil Wayne Google Chrome Theme

lil wayne chrome theme

Lil Wayne theme is dedicated to all Lil Wayne fan. Lil Wayne is a rapper from New Orleans.

5 Mario Google Chrome Theme

Mario google  theme

Mario theme specially dedicated to all those who miss Mario game, Mario are the one of the most played game in the history of Video games.

6 Angry Birds Google Chrome Theme

Angry bird  google chrome theme

Angry Bird is the most talked about game now days so; if you are angry bird game lover then it’s a best theme for you.

7 Raindrops Google Chrome Theme

best chrome themes Raindrop

Raindrops theme is really stress buster its make you feel alive, gives you new energy (best theme i ever used) it’s kind of romantic theme. Hope it bring you a good mood too.

Hope you like are selection .if yes, then do hit like, share button and If you are web developer then this top 7 Firefox Web developer toolbar article might be helpful for you.

Apart from this theme there are few more custom made themes by other artists you can try Google “search Google chrome themes” to get custom made themes.

Updated: December 27, 2011 — 12:19 pm


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  1. Those are nice skins but not as advanced as some of the top chrome themes I saw last week from theme creator Brand Thunder:

    1. yep they are nice and might be you have seen all of this theme as they are classic all time favorite theme BOb

  2. Android one looks cool.

  3. Nice collection of themes.i have just download Angry Bird theme for my google Chrome.

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