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Bech De effect – Buy anything or everything at OLX.India

Technology has given us ample of things and online stores are one of such gift. They have become the talk of the town with the emergence of internet world. This segment has controlled the most sensational part of internet world. If you are an online shopper than OLX India could be consider as the perfect destination for you. In India the witty promotional ads of our company has increased the popularity parameter of our company.

olx india

OLX has no doubt universal appeal, though we were formed in the Buenos Aires and New York City. Till now we have succeeded in proving our superiority over other competitors in more than 40 countries. We also feel proud to announce that we have served the customers from six continents. We came to India in the year 2006. The witty tag line that had made us too popular in India was “Bech De.” We provide convenient and fast gateway of purchase and sales of our customers good.

The media selected by us for doing the campaigning are as follows:

A campaign through TV ADS – OlX has touched the high level of popularity as we have selected the fast traveling advertisement mode- television. The competitors of our company has completely ignored this media and had concentrated more on the internet world whereas, we, with our theme that says,” Yaha Sab Kuch Bikta Hei” had attracted an endless list of Indian consumers. This theme has even raised the value of everything as now no one wants to waste anything and before disposing their belonging they love to give it a try here. People get good bargains here. This witty ad has easily grabbed the attention of Indian audience and had turned it superior to that of our customers.

Follow us on You Tube– You Tube is among the popular website for music and after it has become available in the mobile gadgets it has become the most popular site in this field to. Here also many of our ads are shown. Though the option of skipping the ad is always shown but mostly it has been concluded that people rarely skip our AD.

Radio- sometimes ago we have also attracted a list of customers through the AD aired in radio. Even people were asked to register here and that too had affected the popularity meter.

Internet world- there is many web pages where our ADs occupy a great place. Now when people are becoming more centered to web world than how this section could be ignored.

Here you can sell anything and the easy entry and exit procedure had actually turned it too popular. We as OLX team have shrieked the world of buyers and seller and had turned its online store into a dynamic shop where anything could be sold. We always suggest putting the picture of the commodity that you insist to sell here. There are no fixed set of rules for doing advertisement here. Anyone is welcome here and you could bring anything for sale with yourself including car, book, piano, flute etc. So what are you waiting for, if till now you are not registered with us than register now!

Updated: August 28, 2013 — 9:46 am


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  1. OLX has becoming popular brand in India in term of selling/ buying things already have been used or being used by someone. TV ads are very interesting which appealing people to do transactions on base of OlX listings. Superb thing which market needed in current time. Thanks for the nice words in post.

  2. Hello Rohit,
    OLX, nice platform for buying or selling products online. First of all, it’s free. I have used OLX. Thanks for share!!

  3. The success behind this particular site may be attributed to its interesting promotion strategies. Its promotion strategies are definitely an eye-opener for many of its kind.

  4. I’ve just begun hearing about OLX. It really sounds like something that would be useful to me. I need to check into it now!

  5. Yes Rohit, I do agree with you and have personal experience, there are many similar site who provide such services but this is one of the best…………..

  6. OLX advertisements were really funny.. even i have tried it for selling my Smartphones.. and recieved immense response from interested people… It really works

  7. Hi Narendra, you are absolutely correct OLX is one of the best site for buying or selling the used or unused items. Now I mostly prefer OLX for purchases and sales…………..

  8. If someone wants to buy or purchase something, OLX comes first in mind. OLX is the most powerful e-commerce brans in India. Its success can be attributed to its marketing campaign. E-commerce has great potential in India.

  9. Hi Rohit,
    We can sell anything on OLX, some months ago i’ve seen a husband advertising his wife for sale! 😀

    1. Hahaha ROFL

  10. OLX advertisements ended up really interesting.. actually i’ve tried using this intended for promoting the Cell phones.. and also recieved astounding reaction via fascinated people… It operates.

    install android on pc

  11. Awesome article for the word press in search engine optimization is very easy to use & read this article. THanks for sharing. 😀

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