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3 Ways to Solve Slow Internet Experience In 2012

Internet connection performance, such as from a DS3 line, T1, or DSL, can either be slowed down if the person in charge of the connection doesn’t know much on how to use it effectively.Last year, many people complaint about low speed internet access due to one reason or the other. But, among those complainers, none of them shows any sign of finding the actual cause of the slow speed internet they are experiencing. And that is why I am writing this article to show you in case you’re having any challenges browsing the internet with fast speed access or if there is anything that is affecting you to download from the web.

slow internet

So, I have to share with you three things you should start doing in this New Year if you want to enjoy your internet connection or else, something different might happen – which I suggests to be a sluggish kind of internet access.

Download latest version of your browser

If you are using an old version of web browser like Firefox 7.0 or lower version, there is higher chance of you getting slow internet experience than using the latest version which is version 9.0.1. Even if you are still using version 8.0, that one is still better than anything lower because most of those versions are out of date with security and speed and you can’t enjoy what you are doing with such a browser.

Install Good antivirus

Make your computer secure so that it can be free of all the internet dangers that may be having negative effects on your connection. You should make sure that your PC is well secured so that you can be free of any dangers that may arise from lack of protecting it. When there’s an up to date antivirus on your PC, you can be very sure of not getting infected with virus and trojans or malwares.

 good antivirus

Malwares and trojans are dangers to internet access if you don’t know before and you should avoid them on your PC because they exhaust internet bandwidth faster than any other thing. They have power of using your bandwidth to send and receive files over the internet unaware to you.

Upgrade your PC operating system

Another thing you need to put into consideration is your computer operating system’s age. If the type of operating system you have installed on your computer is of old ages like window 2000-XP on Windows platform, be quick to change to latest version as soon as possible. Failure to do so will make it very hard for you to have a fast speed internet access. Most of the ISP’s companies are now using latest operating system configuration when producing their modems and dongles and you need to have good system that is up to the rate they prescribed for you when you wanted to subscribe to their service.

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Olawale Daniel is a tech blogger at techatlast, a technology blog that focuses on top gadgets and tops news on android phone.


Updated: April 22, 2015 — 6:39 am


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  1. Thank you for you advice. I follow them right now 😉 Actually I used Firefox 8 and I am going to upgrade for Firefox 9 last version. It seems to me the better Browser. What do you think about that ?

  2. Yes am also going to update my browser :) .
    Again nice post olawale…. Thanks for sharing with us.

    1. yep defiantly a nice helping tip by olawale

  3. I was not happy with mine laptop just because of slow internet connection. At that time my friend suggest me find reason for being slow. I am happy that i know reason. It was antivirus. My antivirus was expires and i purchase a new antivirus from . it really works and now my pc is free from all kind of viruses and malwares. Thanks Sky Antivirus. This source received numerous awards just because of its best service.

  4. no doubt chrome is light version as it doesn’t load lots of plugin on starting

  5. Nice Post…Thanks for sharing

  6. You can also reduce the speed by clearing your temporary files & also by reducing the reserve memory of windows.

  7. I would agree that another thing that can make your PC work faster in Internet is clearing temporary and junkie files. And you need to clear register from time to time. There’re a lot of utilites for these purposes.

  8. sir, ultimate post
    it has really helped me to solve my slow internet problems

  9. Due to extreme slow internet connectivity of my MTS dongle i finally switched to BSNL broadband

    1. Must say tushar bsnl is best in speed matter never vary their speed.

  10. I m on 512 KBS speed and it s***S
    thnks for a informative post :)

  11. Even the configurations of the device matters in this case.

  12. Will it matter if I’m using chrome? I always download the stable version but not necessarily the latest one. The reason I ask is because chrome is already fast so will upgrading to the latest version make a significant difference? But all in all thanks for the informative post. When it comes to internet speed every little thing counts!

    1. yep its true Reese when it come to internet speed every thing counts, chrome is already fast as it a light weight os if u r using stable version then dont worry it will give you fast speed

  13. Right now iam using dial-up-internet, so usually my net speed will be fast, but some times it will be slow, must try ur tips to get rid of this.

  14. My way of making my PC faster is by defragmenting often and disk checking. It helps a lot for me and my internet needs because it is really pissing when loading is slow.

  15. Switching to a faster browser is definitely a good way of improving the internet experience. I see people still using Internet Explorer these days and it just isn’t very quick at all. People should think about installing other pieces of software such as Google Chrome which do the job much better.

  16. i am facing this problem but after reading this post now i am able to solve problem, thanks for sharing this informative post …..!!!!!!!

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