top 5 smart tv in 2014

Samsung UE46ES8000

Smart TVs gives you the ability to enjoy apps, surf the web and stream internet videos from the comfort of your living room. The vast majority of modern TVs have smart capability and it is becoming hard to buy a non-smart TV model. A smart TV gives you a one-touch access to apps for the Read More

Thing to know about TGI distribution software

TGI distribution software

Before discussing distribution software, it’s necessary to understand the basic concept of enterprise resource planning software, referred to as ERP. If your company is in need of software, you’re aware of the necessity of finding a software platform that addresses your particular needs. A financial business has different issues than a retail business. Difficulty can Read More

5 Most Popular Games of 2014

Grand Theft Auto 5

During the process of making money, and making our living more comfortable, or basically saving for our future, we actually forgot about our present. A very vital need of the present is to keep ourselves entertained. May it be via movies, music, TV, anything. The main motive Is to give a break to your mind Read More

Top 10 Most Expensive Gadgets in the World

24 Carat Gold USB Drive

There have been gadgets on earth since a long time and then there were smart gadgets. Following by, the smarted gadgets started becoming even smarter and their price range started going up as well. The latest innovations in technology or the popular newest generation smart gadgets have never been cheap; they were always on the Read More

Purchasing Parts For Your Car

part of cars

Choosing the right auto parts for a car is difficult for people who do not fully understand their vehicles. However, purchasing parts becomes simpler when people understand what they are looking for in each part. The categories below should cover every aspect of a part before someone makes a purchase. The home mechanic who needs Read More

Xolo Q1010i Review And Specification

xolo_q1010i specification

Intel did collaboration with Xolo approximately two years with a view to developing one of the first Android phones that was Intel-powered. Since then, Xolo has been trying to place itself as an affordable yet premium smartphone brand.Xolo is believed to develop phones that are believed to be a good value option. Xolo Q1010i is Read More